Convenient taxi transport for you and your family throughout Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus is a great nation with a variety of sights that would make a perfect family vacation, couple vacation or even a honeymoon or business trip. Travelling is much more fun with a reliable taxi service. Make your vacation enjoyable by using Cyprus Taxi for your travels. connects you with taxi drivers in your location. Sightseeing with your family is more convenient and enjoyable when you are travelling in the same space.

Hiring a good taxi service will ensure you arrive on time and dictate the terms and places you travel from. For instance if you intend to visit many places you could hire the taxi for the whole day or just to drop you off and pick you up later. Make you travelling enjoyable and stress free by hiring a taxi service for your transportation. A taxi will guarantee that you keep time, don’t stress about getting lost or fueling or even packing, there will be enough space for everyone and you can call at any time you want to go out even when you are too tired to drive. Here are a few basic things you need to learn about.

About Cyprus Taxi

Cyprus Taxi connects you with Taxis all over the Republic of Cyprus. The company is extended to allover Cyprus and is available for everyone. You can call or contact their website for bookings to your destination. Cars are available for up to 14 people maximum. This website has eased transport from the airports to destination all over Cyprus.

Why you should use Cyprus Taxi


Cyprus Taxi is efficient in that you can book your transportation early, and you can pay in cash. No credit card complications or follow ups. You can contact them online and book a transfer for you and your family and friends to the destination. You do not have to know the location; the company guarantees complete knowledge of all locations around Cyprus

Availability. The cab services are available 24/7. The cab services mean that you do not have to worry about getting stranded on the road ,the airport or even a hotel with no transport means. You can call and get a cab anytime and be carried to any place of your choice in Cyprus.

Comfort. Cars of different sizes and models are available for you to choose from. You can take a VIP or Family cab service depending on your choice. Whichever choice you make guarantees you comfort compared to the hectic bus ride. Family service provides free seats for your children.

Cost effective.Getting a family car for your 10 or 14 family members will save cost. Taking a bus or any other public means will each, and every one of you has to buy a ticket. It’s expensive compared to taking one X14 or X10 to your destination. Simply specify your destination and book. If your destination is not showed, on the web contact them for more details about your destination.

Convenient. Taking one car as a family or group of friends convenient because no one will get lost or delay and waste time for the others, you will arrive at the same time and enjoy every moment together.

Fun. Travelling in one space is fun. You get to take pictures and see places together, discuss stories and even enjoy music together.Do not miss out to this experience when sightseeing or vacationing in Cyprus.

Airport transfer

Cyprus has two airports; Larnaca and Paphos airports. Prices vary from these two airports but the means and terms of transportation remain the same. You can get transport from the airport to your vacation home or hotel. The amount you pay from the airport to the hotel will only cat5er for the one way. If you need to be transferred back to the airport, you have to pay more.

Cyprus Taxi provides services:

  • Family taxi
  • VIP taxi
  • Airport transfer from Hotel, Resort or Vacation home
  • Pick up locations from the airport/harbor
  • Conference Transportation

Vacations are enjoyable and, what's more, fun than having someone drive you around while you enjoy each and every moment of your trip. When you visit Cyprus, have no worry, great choices are available for as low as €32.

Your family and friends can enjoy the great sights and attractions of Cyprus. You also do not have to worry about getting home safe. Cyprus Taxi guarantees safe travels and comfort. Get transport from home to the airport of from the airport and back easily and conveniently without worrying that you are too tired to drive, or you do not know how to drive. Visit Top tourist destinations in. The Republic of Cyprus.

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